Nolo Money Trouble Review

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Solve Your Money Trouble
Nolo’s Solve Your Money Troubles

Today I picked up a copy of Nolo’s Money Trouble book, and decided to sit down and provide a review. I personally love a good NOLO book since they make such complex topics and make them user friendly.

Another perk that I really enjoy about Nolo books is the fact that they usually will offer downloadable forms and templates that you can use in whatever topic you are reading up on. So with most financial books the main ingredient in getting your financial house in order is of course a budget.

With Nolo and their back of book templates not only do you get advice on how to set up a budget, but you get the templates to help with getting your debt in order and your assets in order. All of this is important, especially when trying to get out of financial prison and getting into financial freedom.

I personally have used the templates that come with the book and have put them all to use. I will definitely have found all of the documents very useful. Again I stress the easy read and the simple instructions the book provides. A wealth of information for a really low price considering what you get. I would recommend this book for anyone.

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